Importance of an engaged workforce | Teresa Toland, President & CEO

For those of us that have chosen a career in healthcare, we understand that it is more than just a job. It is a calling that we have dedicated ourselves to. A job in the healthcare industry is not for everyone, and that is why having an engaged workforce is something we heavily focus on here at TANDEM365.

I am very proud of our organization’s hiring and talent acquisition process. We do not simply hope to fill an available slot when there is an opening on our team. We seek to hire individuals who are passionate about caring for others and truly care about our core values.  Every organization has a mission statement. However, at TANDEM365 our mission is more than just words on a wall.

We demonstrate accountability and compassion on a daily basis. We continually ask ourselves to look in the mirror and find our why.  And, we look to have solid processes in place to support solid people. It is my personal belief that who our organization is today will not be who we are tomorrow. It is important for us to continually innovate and become better at what we do. We will only accomplish this by having employees that are not only dedicated to our participants, but also supportive of our mission and committed to improving the lives of those we serve.

The healthcare industry is often competitive, complex and overwhelming. Care is not just about technology or facilities. It is about the people that are able to bring a smile to the face of our clients when they enter their home. It is about stepping up to the challenge of earning the trust that is placed in our hands.  Ultimately, it is about being thankful that we each have an opportunity to make someone’s life a little bit better through our care.  That is the mission of our workforce and I am proud to see that we are achieving that.