Everything you need to know about TANDem365

TANDEM365 is a health management program provided to you as a covered insurance benefit. At TANDEM365 we provide a team of Navigators that provide wrap around services and advanced level case management to tailor to your needs. Together, we take the journey through your life plan and help coordinate, communicate, and collaborate with other services to allow you to stay in your home for as long and as safely as possible.

Our goal is to help you improve your quality of life in your home, while teaching you to manage your own health and become as independent as possible. Our focus is to safely treat you in your home for non-threatening situations and reduce the number of emergency room visits.

During the enrollment visit, a comprehensive assessment is completed that reviews your goals, preferences, priorities and a plan to achieve them is developed. Additional visits are set up with the Registered Nurse (RN) to address the needs of each individual participant. A social worker will assess the social and resource related needs necessary to age in place. Visits will take place at your home; family members are allowed and encouraged to participate in these visits.

One of our goals in this program is to offer you the care you desire. Our interdisciplinary team focuses heavily on each individual’s goals, preferences, and priorities through an individualized Life Plan. Your Life Plan is created with the help of your team of nurse and social work navigators and then sent to your primary care physician to review. TANDEM365’s team also provides strong guidance and direction on Advanced Care Planning. This process includes evaluating your healthcare wishes and goals for end of life treatment, the designation of an advocate to act on your behalf and the creation or collection of documents such as your Durable Power of Attorney, Living Will or Treatment Preferences guide. Our care team will help you share these documents and communicate with your advocate and physician to ensure your wishes are carried out.

Services provided are customized to each participant based on the assessment of your navigator. Your navigators will identify the appropriate services needed in the home after a needs-based assessment is completed. Your navigators will work to coordinate these services for you/your loved one. Most of these services are community based, and obtained by connecting you to the appropriate resource. You are guaranteed exceptional case management, medication management with regimen monitoring, and advance care planning from our case management staff.

You are able to keep your own primary care physician. Your navigators will work to keep your physician fully informed and aware of all interventions provided through TANDEM365 services. TANDEM365 navigators will also ensure your physician is actively participating in your care with your recent health concerns. Our navigators can help you coordinate appointments, whether it’s your primary or specialty office.

TANDEM365 is a covered benefit paid for by your insurance company. By accepting this program, it will not increase any of your premiums or change your plan. Co-Pays are still your responsibility for doctor visits, medications, emergency room visits, and ambulance transportation. Ask your Navigators to provide additional information on the annual Life EMS Contract.

TANDEM365 is available to you 24 hours a day 7 days a week for questions and urgent needs. Our after-hours call center will answer and triage your call to the appropriate person. TANDEM365 has RN’s, paramedics, and administrators on call at all times. If there is a life-threatening emergency, paramedics will automatically be dispatched to your home. If the call is not of an urgent nature, the navigator on call will follow up with you and address your needs using the support of our Director of Clinical Services, your primary care physician, and/or our Medical Director.

Nobody enjoys going to the emergency room. TANDEM365 nurses and Life EMS paramedics together can do many treatments in your home to avoid emergency room visits. Some examples of what we can provide in the home include: mobile x-ray, lab draws, urinalysis, stool cultures, intramuscular injections, and IV hydration. IV antibiotics and IV push medications are also available with physician approval. Rapid response protocols are created by your team of navigators and updated frequently to reflect in-home interventions that are similarly performed in the local emergency room departments. This rapid response plan is very accessible and can be pulled up by any navigator on call. We have successfully prevented multiple trips to the emergency room for our participants who are currently on service. With the help of our medical director, we can accommodate different scenarios and present different options to allow you to stay home safely and effectively. If an emergency room visit is unpreventable based on the paramedic’s assessment, you will be advised and/or taken to the emergency room of your choice.

For more information on our services and integrated model of care, please call us at 616-588-5290 or 844-482-6336