Becoming a community asset | Teresa Toland, President & CEO

It is my belief that organizations cannot provide the best care for a community and its residents alone. You need to establish and grow trusted relationships with your partners to maximize the positive impact you can have on your community.

By having a strong community focus, we have been able to develop a strong community reputation since our founding in 2014. In the healthcare industry, it is not necessary to reinvent the wheel. However, it is necessary to make sure that others know about your services and expertise.

We regularly partner with physician practices, home health agencies, mental health services, and Hospice programs to further extend the reach of our care. We seek to complement their services and focus on what we are good at – and that is helping patients navigate the healthcare system and provide a comprehensive case management program.

Our patients are typically medically complex and often elderly, and our services help them to remain in their homes and manage their conditions more appropriately. Our model provides both our participants and our partners with intense, high-touch, patient-centered methods of care delivery.

In addition to our clinical partnerships, we are also very active in working with local academic partners such as Grand Valley State University and Aquinas University. Here, we partner to provide training to students that will benefit them for the remainder of their careers. We also work closely to provide case management training and participate in polarity training and healthcare transformation courses.

Ultimately our goal is to make a positive difference in our community. Being able to successfully accomplish this goal is a testament to our work with others and the trust that they give to us.