We are TANDEM365

TANDEM365 is a unique collaboration

TANDEM365 represents an innovative concept aimed at helping older adults navigate the complexities of healthcare while enabling them to remain in their homes. Through customized care coordinated by a team of health care professionals, participants in TANDEM365 have access to the best services and supports available with a single point of contact. TANDEM365 is available to adults 55 and older regardless of nursing home eligibility and income. This solution is unique because it focuses on elements which improve the overall experience while addressing care and services that are not currently reimbursed by insurance.

The following video is the CEO of TANDEM365 giving an overview of TANDEM365, including verbal testimonies of a participant and a participant’s wife.


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Our mission, vision, and values

Mission: A community collaboration empowering others to achieve better health, reduce costs, and improve quality.

Vision: To become the new health architecture for older adults by:

  • Empowering the self-management of preventative health
  • Helping those who have few options for better health
  • Collaborating resources to reduce the costs of care
  • Organizing the complexities of healthcare for each individual

Values: We are a pioneering organization that is:

  • Compassionate
  • Collaborative
  • Innovative
  • Accountable

The goal of TANDEM365:

Our goal is to help you improve your quality of life in your home, while teaching you to manage your own health and become as independent as possible.  Our focus is to safely treat you in your home for non-threatening situations and reduce the number of emergency visits.

What is TANDEM365?

TANDEM365 is a health management program provided to you as a covered insurance benefit.  At TANDEM365 we provide a team of Navigators that provide wrap around services and advanced level case management to tailor to your needs.  Together, we take the journey through your life plan and help coordinate, communicate, and collaborate with other services to allow you to stay in your home for as long and as safely as possible.

How does TANDEM365 work?

During the enrollment visit, a comprehensive assessment is completed that reviews your goals, preferences, priorities and a plan to achieve them is developed.  Additional visits are set up with the Registered Nurse (RN) to address the needs of each individual participant.  A social worker will assess the social and resource related needs necessary to age in place.

Visits will take place at your home; family members are allowed and encouraged to participate in these visits.

24/7 Accessibility

TANDEM365 is available to you 24 hours a day 7 days a week for questions and urgent needs.  Our after-hours call center will answer and triage your call to the appropriate person.  TANDEM365 has RN’s, paramedics, and administrators on call at all times.

If there is a life-threatening emergency, paramedics will automatically be dispatched to your home.  If the call is not of an urgent nature, the navigator on call will follow up with you and address your needs using the support of our Director of Clinical Services, your primary care physician, and/or our Medical Director.

What are the elements of TANDEM365 that impact the cost of care, improve care outcomes, and enhance participant experience?

  • Intense case management/navigator, a registered nurse and/or social worker
  • Interdisciplinary Team of a physician, registered nurse, social worker, therapists, aides, etc., who discuss and review the plan of care
  • Rapid response teams (EMS, 24/7 on-call)
  • Non-traditional services, such as meals, transportation, telehealth, personal emergency response systems, personal care, etc.