GVSU fraternity and sorority groups volunteer to clean up a participant’s yard.
GVSU fraternity and sorority groups volunteer to clean up a participant’s yard.

Volunteer opportunities

A growing number of older adults are choosing to live at home rather than move to a retirement or assisted living community. Staying home has its benefits but can also lead to isolation, loneliness, and depression.

Tandem365 is a program designed to improve the quality of life for older adults who are living at home and in need of a support system. The benefits are not only seen in participants’ health, but also evident in decreased medical expenses. “I would recommend TANDEM365 to anyone who has the opportunity to use TANDEM… It gives you strength to go on one more step,” said one participant’s wife.

TANDEM365 is inviting you to make a difference in the lives of isolated individuals in the community by visiting or sharing a phone call with a participant in need of social support. Volunteering for Tandem will provide new experiences, community give-back, personal and professional growth. Please contact the Volunteer Coordinator at 616-588-5290, or email us at TAdmin@tandem365.com with questions or to begin volunteering.


What do volunteers for TANDEM365 do?

  • Any visitor to a homebound person is like a breath of fresh air
  • Opportunities to talk with someone takes one’s mind off their challenge
  • The healing process is faster with good social interaction
  • Having a visitor helps the homebound person stay in contact with the greater community
  • In just an hour, you can put a smile on someone’s face
  • A visitor puts the focus on the person and not the challenges