Plante Moran recently conducted a study of TANDEM365’s integrated care model. Among their findings:

  • Average healthcare cost per member down 30.2 percent
  • ER visits down 46.2 percent
  • Specialty visits down 22.8 percent
  • Outpatient visits down 13.4 percent

Read the full report for details about what sets TANDEM365 apart.


Here is what some of our clients and families are saying about the work TANDEM365 is doing:

  • “I have been very pleased with TANDEM365.”
  • “You are an AWESOME Program.  Thank you so much for lightening my load.  I was so comforted to know my dad was being cared for by great professionals!!!!  May God continue to Bless your program! You are so well put together.  You covered all area’s needed in my dad’s care!”
  • “Everyone seems to be very helpful, very informative, very caring and very friendly.”
  • TANDEM365 has been a big help to me during the health crises in my life.  I truly value and appreciate their assistance.”


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